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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I am temporarily changing the format of my Eagle Freedom Links.  While I am doing much better with regards to my health I still get tired more easily than prior to having surgery and am still am in a bit of pain on and off depending on what I do so instead of posting many links I have decided to highlight 5 blogs and post at least two links of each of their posts.

From Catholic Bandita:  What Vatican II Did and Did Not Say about Muslims, Christians, and Jews

In response to my recent article Why Catholics Should Oppose the Building of a Mosque at Ground Zero, some Catholics on the Left took issue with what they call “intolerance” on my part. The Second Vatican Council is frequently cited as proof of my “intolerance“, so it’s important to take a look at what Vatican II said — and what it did not say — in regard to Catholicism’s relationship to non-Christian religions, but specifically Islam and Judaism, in order to shed some light.
Islam Mentioned Only Once, and In a Negative Tone
While Islam makes war on a global level against the non-Muslim world, there are unfortunately many who keep their heads comfortably (for now) buried in the sand or, worse, become apologists for Islam by maintaining that Vatican II recognized it as a legitimate religion. It may come as a surprise to the Left that within all of the documents promulgated in Vatican II, including Nostra Aetate, the word “Judaism” is never mentioned and the word “Islam” is mentioned only once,
…[Muslims] take pains to submit wholeheartedly to even His inscrutable decrees, just as Abraham, with whom the faith of Islam takes pleasure in linking itself, submitted to God.


Catholic Bandita:  Lisa Graas Conversion Story 

From Sentry Journal:  The Big Picture: Joe Biden's Debate Performance accomplished Team Obama's goal

Sentry Journal: Apparently The Buck Stops With Hillary Clinton and Not The President: 

CNN reports that Hillary Clinton has taken responsibility for the assault in Benghazi.on September 11 that left a U.S. Ambassador and three Americans dead.  Check out the below video of the report.

The President, Vice President, and Eric Holder need to see this as a teachable moment in regards to leadership.  Leaders take responsibility for the actions of those under them.  They don’t blame others for failures and they don’t rush in to take credit of the successes of their people.  Although I believe Hillary is doing the right thing, I also believe the buck doesn’t stop with her in regards to this terrible event.  The buck stops with the President and if President Obama had an ounce of integrity he would have stepped up and taken responsibility for the actions of those he has delegated authority to.

From American Perspective:

Malala Yousafazai blogged for BBC at age 11, shot by Taliban age 14 

American Perspective: CA Dem candidate fears Tea Party Congress: 

I attended a bipartisan candidate forum on Sunday at my place of worship, with 2 local candidates discussing national issues. The Republican worked overtime to assure the Californians present that he was really quite liberal, despite being a "fiscal conservative".

The interesting part to me was when those present asked the Dem candidate how she feels about Paul Ryan. How much conservative influence did she think he would wield over the executive branch?

From Conservative Hideout 2.0: Democrat Propaganda Translated: 

You have to love Democrat propaganda, they really try hard to make us all think that they really aren’t race baiting, dependency creating, and class warfare oriented leftists.
Also, as most readers know, I go over my Facebook page daily, and when my friends post an interesting pic, I use it for the Sunday Link post.  But sometimes, I find a piece of Democratic/Communist propaganda that is so asinine, that I cannot resist translating it into reality.  So, here is the image, and the translation follows…  Continued 

From Western Hero: 

Now that the Vice Presidential debate is over and Obama's locked Grandpa Munster back in the White House basement, the focus swings back to the top of the tickets...

Barring a big gaffe, I predict nothing earth-shattering out of this evening's debate. 

Obama's winged monkeys in the press echoed the campaign propaganda blaming The Messiah's dismal performance in the last debate on Romney's myriad lies. 

That's right.  Mitt Romney is not satisfied with firing men and killing their wives, this evil millionaire performed a nefarious denial of service attack on the President's brain, causing the Smartest President Ever to literally lock up.  But not to worry, he had some snappy comebacks... The next day!

I hope the supposed lying comes up this evening, because El Presidente has some problems of his own in that department...  Continued 

Western Hero: Catholicism in the Hands of the People 

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