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Monday, October 8, 2012

The MSM has been going bonkers ever since Mitt Romney said that he would cut funding for everything that we shouldn't be borrowing from China, and specifically mentioned PBS, Big Bird, and Jim Lehrer as a source that would feel those cuts. Brian Williams defended PBS's subsidy on Friday misleading the public by saying that an end to the subsidy would mean an end to children's programming. CNN went into hysterical hype mode on Friday morning making a Big Bird out of a small egg pretending that this was a key debate issue.

Does stopping federal funding of PBS automatically mean no more Big Bird? Seems to be what the MSM - Left Stream Media - thinks. The MSM is acting if PBS loses funding we will see the end of the world as we know it.  Do liberals fear that PBS will meet the same fate as Air America? So in essence progressives are admitting that PBS is unable to hack it in the real world - unable to fund their progressive propaganda on their own.  Private investors wouldn't support Big Bird?  Oh no! The world might see armageddon if Big Bird isn't on TV anymore.  Liberals want us to continue to go further in debt to China over Big Bird.  Why should taxpayers be forced to fund PBS, the Progressive Broadcasting of Sewage? Big Bird is apart of the 1% so he needs to give some of his profits over to PBS for funding so we can start the process of stopping borrowing unnecessary money from China.

This is the problem. If we can't even have a meaningful or serious conversation over such a minor budget issue without having people acting like hysterical loons how the heck are we going to tackle the big stuff?  PBS funding may makeup a pittance amount of money compared to some things but the question should be does PBS really need the funding? Is it possible for them to make up the loss of subsidy with private donations or private investing?  Should they be able to make it on their own or should they be reliant on taxpayers to fund their programming? And if PBS isn't able to fund their own programming don't you think there should be much better oversight on what we fund - no freaking progressive propaganda - only do kids programs which are like the type of programming of learning before the liberal propagandizing days started and simply report the news in a neutral manner without any spin.  Otherwise look to Ted Turner, Al Gore, or George Soros if your going to use PBS to promote a Marxist agenda instead of simply informing the public of news and showing good, wholesome learning shows to children.


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