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Monday, July 4, 2011

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By the latter part of the 18th century the Founding Fathers had decided to break free from the tyranny being forced upon them by Great Britain and on July 4, 1776 our Founders in the thirteen colonies declared their independence from Britain with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. What caused the founders to not only want but to demand this separation from Britain and King George? There were a series of usurpations that were forced upon the colonies by King George in Great Britain.

Here is a list of taxes that Britain imposed on the colonies in America:

The Molasses Act imposed duties on molasses, rum and sugar from non-British islands in the Caribbean Sea to protect the English planters form foreign competition. The act was generally ignored by the Americans. Therefore the British amended it with the Sugar Act (1764) one and a half pence per gallon on wine, sugar and testiles. To settle problems under the Molasses Act the tax was reduced by fifty percent but strictly enforced. Now the Americans were feeling the threat of British rule and objected the way how the money was being spent. The British pretended to need money to support troops but the troops were stationed at ports to enforce British rule and not in the interior were the treat of attacks existed. British parliament would additional tax revenue for some imperial expenses and passed the Stamp Act in 1865 which was due on paper, newspapers, customs document, licenses, college diplomas and numerous legal forms for recovering debts, buying land or making wills. This was the beginning of censoring information as any document with unwanted comments about the British was not stamped. With the Townshend Acts (1767) taxes on glass, lead, paper, paint and tea were introduces. The colonists claimed "Taxation without representation is slavery". The boycotts of British goods leat to repealing the Stamp Act in 1766 and the new import duties were lifted in 1770 but not the tax on tea. The Tea Act of 1773 heightens the tension and finally lead to the Boston Tea Party (December 17, 1773). In reply the British passed the Coervice Act (1774) to punish Boston. This act was called Intolerable Acts by the Americans. Under this act the port of Boston was closed and the city was putted under military command. To support Boston the First Continental Congress (1774) were held in Philadelphia by fifty-six delegates from twelve colonies (Georgia was missing). By 1775 the first military actions began and in 1776 the Continental Congress declared independence. With the Paris treaty of September 3, 1783 the American Revolution came to its successful end.

Our Founding Fathers were courageous to stand up to King George in Britain and tell him NO More! We demand freedom and liberty and we are dissolving the bonds between Britain and the colonies.

Under King Obama there have been "a long train of abuses and usurpations" forced upon the people.

First, Congress passed the a massive spending package which Democrats like to refer to as Stimulus. I would like to know why since it didn't stimulate a darn thing. The Stimulus only gave us more debt. And, guess who is going to be paying for the added taxes thanks to the libs? You guessed right. The average taxpayer.

Then Obama like a good little socialist decided to centralize all the college loans and put them under the auspices of the federal government. Lord knows we couldn't have those "evil" private companies running the college loans. Heaven forbid there might be competition. You know how the government can't stand competition.

Third, we have Obama & Co deciding to sue and declare war against one of its own states. Let's see here.... The federal government is supposed to secure the borders in order to ensure our safety. The Feds job is to make sure that people come here legally and they are to stop the border jumpers from crossing over illegally. The federal government refuses to do its job. Arizona had at least one murder that occurred which was committed by an illegal immigrant. Arizona had many more illegals who were crossing over every day so they passed an immigration law. Then, Eric Holder sued the state of Arizona. The only reason the DOJ sued Arizona is because they need the illegal immigrants votes to ensure that King Barack can keep his throne and pass more freedom-hating laws or regulations.

King Obama refuses to defend a law of the land - The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). He is trying to appease those with a homosexual agenda by giving his consent to the DOJ to stop defending marriage as being defined as being between a man and woman. His refusal to defend the law of the land shows his contempt for the law within the United States.

Obamao keeps on enforcing an unconstitutional law of our land. The Patriot Act violates our Constitutional rights. He even went a step further than the Bush administration and has authorized for law abiding citizens to be groped in some very private places, like in diapers, breasts, and crotches by the TSA whenever you fly. Nothing like getting a free physical courtesy of the TSA.

Sixth, King Obama wasn't able to get congress to pass his Cap & Trade kill the economy with huge taxes on the American people tax law so he decided to bypass that little hang up in his master plan to tax us all to kingdom come, obfuscates the Constitution and has the EPA institute regulations which do pretty much the same thing that the kill the economy with huge taxes on citizens, poor and rich alike, would have done if he would have abided by the Constitution and gotten congress to pass the law. That's right, progressives despise the constitution. It only gets in their way of their Marxist plans to "transform" America into some European socialist state.

And, The Obama administration took over Chrysler and General Motors all to save their cash cow, the unions. Obama gave his unions a bailout and a huge stake in both companies. The best thing for Chrysler and General Motors would have been for the both them to go into bankruptcy and have to restructure. But, oh no!, that would have hurt the unions, reduced their pay and pensions. That couldn't be allowed under the Obama regime. The unions own the Democrat Party. Yes, the Democrat Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the unions. That is why the unions must also control our public schools. The public schools are worthless pieces of junk that have failed our youth all because of the unions. The unions get paid more and somehow the students do worse. We need to start thinking about our future - the kids - and take public schools back from the unions. The unions horrible agenda to indoctrinate our youth with Marxist beliefs must be stopped!

That's a heck of a lot of encroachments committed by King Obama. It is time for us patriots to act with the same courage as our Founders did and stand up to these liberty-hating progressives and take our country back from those who want to "transform" this country into the Socialist States of America.

Let's have some fun and celebrate July 4th. Here is some music:

James Cagney - You're a grand old flag

 Lawrence Welk Orchestra - America The Beautiful

God Bless The USA with Lee Greenwood

                                            Wishing Everyone a Happy Independence Day! 


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